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What’s a “deferred payment plan” (‘DPP’)?

A Deferred Payment Plan (‘DPP”) is an agreement between the Retail Electric Provider and a customer that allows a customer to pay an outstanding balance in up to 5 installments that extend beyond the due date of the current bill and avoid disconnection of service for the past due balance. Customer agrees to have a switch-hold placed on the account while the payment plan is in effect Customer is required to pay the current invoice, and the agreed-upon installment amount, on time every month until the plan has been successfully fulfilled. Failure to make a payment on time each month will default the “DPP” and the standard collection procedures will begin on the account.

Am I eligible for a Deferred Payment Plan?

If you have been impacted financially by Covid-19 and you are unable to make payment in full, you may enroll in our deferred payment plan to avoid disconnection.

How do I sign up for a Deferred Payment Plan?

The fastest way to apply is by filling out our simple online form and our customer care team will contact you to complete your application.

What is the Electricity Relief Program (ERP)?

The state of Texas has created the COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program to help customers financially impacted to temporarily avoid disconnection.

Who is eligible for ERP?

Eligible customers are only those who have applied and been approved for unemployment benefits through the Texas Workforce Commission. Please note eligibility is determined by a third-party administrator, Solix.

How do I sign up for ERP? 

To apply for relief, please contact Solix at 1-866-454-8387 or apply online at

Once I sign up for ERP how long does it take for me to be added to the list?

There may be a delay of up to 3-4 weeks from the date of the enrollment with SOLIX before your name appears on the eligibility list of your energy provider. Therefore we strongly recommend setting up a deferred payment plan first, especially if your earliest disconnection date is within the next 5 to 10 days.

I’m about to be disconnected, what are my options?

    I thought that all disconnections for nonpayment were suspended?

    ONLY residential customers on the SOLIX list are eligible for the DNP suspension and reimbursement.


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