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Our customer service centers will have limited functionality on Thursday, September 28th and will be fully closed for maintenance Friday September 29th through Sunday, October 1st, resuming normal operations Monday, October 2nd. All self-service options will also be unavailable via your customer portal during this time. If you are experiencing a power outage, please call your local utility.

Signing Up

  • How do I sign up for electricity with Pulse Power?

    Visit our Enrollment Page to get started.

  • Why is the plan I want not available to me?

    Electric plans are refreshed often based on market conditions and geographic areas.  We encourage you to check back to review available plans in your area.
  • I finished the enrollment process online, but I received a message that says I need to send more information before my service can start. What do I do?

    Several factors can result in the need to send us more information. You will receive a confirmation email, detailing the next steps needed after enrollment. Please follow the steps within the email response to determine the next steps for service with us!
  • How do I compare plans?

    The most effective way to compare plans is by selecting our EFLs to see full descriptions regarding our featured plans in your area. Just enter your zip code HERE.

  • What is renewable energy?

    Energy resources that are naturally replenished are considered renewable. They are virtually inexhaustible in duration but limited in the amount of energy that is available at a time. Renewable energy resources include wind, biomass, hydro, geothermal, solar, ocean thermal, wave action and tidal action.
  • Do you offer a green or renewable energy plan?

    Pulse Power is pleased to offer 100% renewable and solar offers.  To discuss options in your service area please call 833-785-7797.
  • Why should I choose Pulse Power as my retail electricity provider?

    Each person at Pulse Power is committed to our customers and our community. We are passionate about providing electricity, smart energy solutions, great service and support to our customers.
  • How do I sign up for service with Pulse Power?

    You can quickly and easily sign up for service online.

  • When will my switch to Pulse Power become effective?

    The standard switch takes 5 business days. We'll send you an email once your service starts with Pulse Power. You may also check your status by calling us at 833-785-7797.

  • Can I change my Pulse Power start date?

    Yes. We offer the option to change your desired start date to a future date; however, this change is not available online. Please call us at 833-785-7797.

  • When I sign up for service, can I list more than one person on the account?

    There is one account owner per service address, however, you are able to add an authorized user with the same access to account information. You can add a user during enrollment or via your account service portal at any time after enrollment.
  • How do I sign up for service with Pulse Power Business Services?

    You can get a customized quote for your business here.
  • Is it easy to switch to Pulse Power from another provider?

    Yes. It only takes a few minutes, plus:

    • There's no need to contact your current provider; we’ll take care of the switch for you.
    • Your service will not be interrupted.
    • You'll keep the same meter and same power lines you had before.
  • When I sign up, how long will it take for my Pulse Power service to begin?

    If you're switching from another provider, your service with Pulse Power will begin within 1-3 business days after you sign up. Please keep in mind that you may need to satisfy certain requirements, such as paying a deposit, providing valid ID, unfreezing your credit at the credit bureau, and delays in satisfying these requirements can delay your start date.
  • What do I need to provide when I sign up with Pulse Power?

    You will also need your Social Security Number to perform a credit check. Deposit may be required
  • Where can I find my ESI ID?

    Your ESI ID (electric service identifier) is a unique 17- or 22-digit number given to an electricity delivery point in the ERCOT market. In other words, it is a long number typically used to identify your electric meter. You may also see it written as ESI ID.

    This number is often visible on your meter, but it also appears on your electric bill and in your online Pulse Power account. To find your ESI ID online:

    • Log in to your My Account.
    • Go to your My Account dashboard and see your ESI ID under the Service Information box at the bottom of the page.
    • Your ESI ID is listed under the name of your plan.
  • Will I have to pay a deposit to begin service?

    A deposit may be required depending on your payment history and your credit score. If so, you'll need to satisfy the deposit requirement before your service can begin. Your deposit amount will be calculated at the time of your enrollment request.
  • What methods of payment do you accept for the initial deposit?

    You can pay your deposit using any of these methods:

    • Pay online with a credit card.
    • Calling us at 833-785-7797.
    • Mail your check or money order payment to 10200 Grogans Mill, Suite #150

      The Woodlands, TX 77380.
  • Are there other options to satisfy my deposit requirement?

    Deposits may be waived for:

    • You are over the age of 65 and not delinquent in payment of any electric service account.

    • You have been determined to be a victim of family violence and can submit a certification letter developed by the Texas Council on Family Violence as evidence.

    For more information, please contact a customer service representative at 833-785-7797.

  • When will I get my deposit back? How will I receive it?

    If your account is in good standing with no late payments in the last twelve months, your deposit will be returned via bill credit twelve months following your start date. If you terminate service, the deposit on file will be automatically applied towards the account  balance. If there is a remaining credit after payment application, the amount will be refunded via your original payment method.
  • How much will my average electric bill be?

    Your bill will vary depending on how much electricity you use, the plan you are on, the weather, the energy efficiency of your home and many other factors.
  • How far in advance can I schedule my transfer or move online?

    We can help make your move easy. Use 'My Account" (your online customer portal) to tell us where you're going and when you need power switched and we'll take care of the rest. You can always send an email or call our helpful Customer Care team if you prefer.

  • Do I need to sign up my new location for online account management if I already have an online account with Pulse Power?

    Yes. The transfer process will create a new service account, resulting in a new account number. Once complete, your new account will require you to register your new address information for your online account.
  • When I move or transfer service, will I have to re-enroll in my current Pulse Power billing and payment plans like paperless billing and AutoPay?

    If you are staying in the area, AutoPay and paperless billing selections will transfer to your new address automatically.  
    If you're moving outside of your current service area, we'll help you get get your preferred selections set up on your new account.
  • What happens to my deposit when I transfer service?

    If your deposit is active and it is within 12 months of service, the deposit will transfer to your new address.
  • What is the cost to transfer my service?

    There is typically not a specific cost to switch service providers, but you should consider other impacts. If you are requesting a specific switch date (as opposed to your bill cycle), sometimes this is an additional cost. If you switch providers while still under contract, you could have an early termination penalty from your previous provider, so these are things to consider as you make your electric provider decisions.
  • Does my service end date have to be the same as my service start date?

    No, your move dates to not have to be the same.  As long as you do not have overlapping service more than 60 days, we can accommodate your energy needs at both locations as you move.
  • What if the electricity is already on at my new address?

    You will still need to submit a transfer request so that we can establish service in your name. Otherwise, the electricity can be turned off at any time based on the previous customer's move-out request, and you will be without power.
  • How much will my average electric bill be?

    Your bill will vary depending on how much electricity you use, the plan you are on, the weather, the energy efficiency of your home and many other factors.
  • I'm moving out of Texas. How do I get the electricity disconnected at my current residence?

    If you need to cancel service, please contact our Customer Care team for your best options and to discuss any questions you might have and review any cancellation impacts. Please e-mail us or call 833-785-7797 for more information.
  • Help! I accidentally transferred service to the wrong address.

    Give us a call right away at 833-785-7797 with the correct service address. Failure to do so could cause a delay in your service start date.
  • Where can I find the rates, length, and other details of the plan I signed up for?

    Check your inbox for the confirmation email you received after the enrollment. It will contain your contract related documentation.
  • What happens when the plan I sign up for ends?

    You will receive numerous notices from Pulse Power before your contract expires, alerting you that it’s time to renew your contract.
  • What is energy deregulation and how does it affect me?

    In short, deregulation allows you to choose where you purchase your electricity. That means you can now shop for your energy plan the same way you do for phone and internet service.

    Energy deregulation separates the production of energy from its delivery. Utilities have typically been responsible for both supplying and delivering energy. Deregulation breaks up this monopoly, allowing you to purchase energy from independent suppliers.

  • What is an EFL?

    Electricity Facts Label (‘EFL’) is a standard disclosure required by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (‘PUCT’) for every electricity plan offered by Retail Electric Providers (“REP”) in the state.
  • What types of plans does Pulse Power offer?

    Check out our various plans by visiting our Enrollment Page.